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Working in Germany under fair conditions

Advice Centre for Labour Mobility

Many people come to Schleswig-Holstein because of the European rules on the free movement of workers and they arrive committed and highly qualified. However, they are often not familiar with the local working conditions and rights.


We can support you!

Our consultations are free of charge, independent and confidential.

 We have regular consultation times at our Kiel office in Legienstraße 22. We also offer mobile consultations across Schleswig-Holstein and can come to wherever you are with our bus.

We advise:

  • Employees who work in Schleswig-Holstein for a Schleswig-Holstein employer under the free movement rules,
  • Employees on secondment who come to Schleswig-Holstein via their employer in their country of origin or a temporary employment agency,
  • Freelancers from other states who want to undertake business activities in Schleswig-Holstein.


On these topics:

  • Workers’ rights
  • Working conditions (working hours, occupational safety, holidays)
  • Protection against dismissal
  • Collective wage agreements
  • Wages and salaries
  • Secondment
  • Labour leasing and much more


Free movement of workers

Free movement of workers is one of the four basic freedoms of the European single market: the free movement of goods, the right to establish and provide services, free movement of capital and cash flows as well as the free movement of people. All EU citizens can work in any member state subject to the same prerequisites as the nationals of these states. This means that a work permit is no longer required for a job with a German employer. Employees from other EU countries must not be discriminated against in any way compared to employees from Germany.


The project “Beratungsstelle Arbeitnehmerfreizügigkeit Schleswig-Holstein (Advice Centre for Labour Mobility)” is supported by the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Transport and Technology in Schleswig-Holstein.